Name of Group: Tidepools

Ages: 3 - 5

Swimmer/Instructor Ratio: 4/1

The goal of TIDEPOOL is to get students comfortable and confident in the water while learning to be safe and capable swimmers. They will learn basic skills and proper body alignment.
No prerequisites

Parent & Me

  • Ages: 6 months - 3 years
  • Instructor guided water familiarity class.
  • We use equipment, songs and play to develop your child's comfort and safety in the water.
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  • Follow directions
  • No distress/crying
  • Make balloon face/blow bubbles
  • Intentional kicking
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  • Submersion face to face
  • Independent horizontal swim with exhale (for 6 feet)
  • Sit jump with climb out unassisted
  • Back float with assistance
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Name of Group: Beach

Ages: 6 & up

Swimmer/Instructor Ratio: 5/1

The goal of BEACH is to prepare students 6 years and older to be comfortable in the water, learn basic water safety and move from novice to confident capable swimmers
Prerequisites: 6 years and up or have completed TIDEPOOL


  • Tidepool skills (above)
  • 3 breaths (side) with assistance
  • 1 side breath no equipment
  • Roll over front-back-front with assistance
  • Kicking on back with assistance (6 feet)
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  • 3 breaths no equipment
  • Roll front/back/front unassisted
  • Swim on back with equipment (12 feet)
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Hermit Crabs

  • Back swim unassisted kicking (12 feet)
  • 3 breaths swimming, roll over front to back unassisted
  • Back float unassisted (15 seconds)
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Name of Group: Waves

Ages: 6 & up

Swimmer/Instructor Ratio: 5/1

The goal of WAVES is to continue with water safety and build on essential swim skills which include proper body position and stroke technique. WAVES is the most important level as it builds on the foundation of BEACH and develops coordination.
Prerequisites: Completed all skills of BEACH or comparable programs


  • Boiling water back kicks (13 yards)
  • Underwater swim (13 yards)
  • Proper pencil jump
  • Front float (15 seconds)
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  • Sidekicks with kickboard (15 yards) arm on ear
  • Proper streamline
  • Tread water 1 minute
  • Freestyle arms with kickboard
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  • Backstroke (13 yards)
  • Freestyle with proper body position (13 yards)
  • Tread water to surface dive and recover object from bottom of pool
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Name of Group: Reef

Ages: 6 & up

Swimmer/Instructor Ratio: 5/1

The goal of REEF is to enhance the coordination and efficiency of strokes learned in WAVES and develop proper kicks and arms for short axis strokes.
Prerequisites: Completed all skils in Waves or comparable program

Sea Horse

  • Dolphin kicks (13 yards)
  • Back kicks with streamline arms
  • Whip kicks on back with kickboard
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  • Streamline to freestyle (25 yards)
  • Backstroke properly (25 yards)
  • Underwater swim (20 yards)
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  • Breaststroke arms with glide (13 yards)
  • Breaststroke kicks (13 yards)
  • Butterfly arms (13 yards)
  • Tread water for 2 minutes (egg beater)
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Name of Group: Mini Barracude

Ages: 6 & up

Swimmer/Instructor Ratio: 5/1

The goal of MINI BARRACUDA is to develop all four competition strokes and endurance to graduate from the Ocean lesson program. Successful completion of this course will qualify a swimmer to swim at an entry competition level for BAC swim team.
Prerequisites: Completed all skills in REEF or comparable programs.

Sea Turtle

  • Backstroke with streamline start for 13 yards
  • Streamline dolphin kick to freestyle for 13 yards
  • Breaststroke for 13 yards (competition stroke)
  • Butterfly for 13 yards (competition stroke)
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  • Legal turns on all four strokes (one hand vs two hands)
  • Clearly understand circle swim
  • Clearly understand use of clock
  • Clearly understand flags for backstroke
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Sting Ray

  • Comfortably swim freestyle for 25 yards (proper body position)
  • Comfortably swim backstroke for 25 yards (proper body position)
  • Demonstrate competitive breaststroke for 25 yards
  • Demonstrate competitive butterfly for 25 yards
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