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Team Records

Short Course Records (updated 4/2018)
Long Course Records (updated 4/2018)


Torch Club Requirements

  1. Effective March 10, 2008, swimmers may only earn Torch Club status by achieving Zone 1N "A" Times or faster while swimming in the events themselves. For example, swimmers may NOT enter freestyle events and then swim backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly or IM in an effort to achieve Torch Club status).
  2. Zone 1N "A" times must be earned for all events in the age group and must be confirmed by Swim Connection before Torch Club status will be awarded to a swimmer.
  3. A swimmer may earn a Torch Club time for the 1000Y during the swimming of a 1650Y provided that he or she notifies the appropriate official in advance that he or she is swimming for times in both the 1000Y and the 1650Y. The swimmer must do the required hand touch at the end of the 1000Y and then must complete the entire 1650Y for the 1000Y time to count. (These conditions will ensure that Swim Connection records official times for both the 1000Y and the 1650Y distances.)

Time Standard Stars

BAC recognizes swimmers who meet certain competitive time standards with “Time Standard Stars,” also known as “Parka Stars.” (You may have seen some BAC swimmers with these stars sewn on their deck coats.) Time Standard Stars are awarded in the following categories:

  • Junior Olympic times -- Small Grey Stars
  • Far Western times -- Small Yellow Stars
  • Pacific Reportable times – Large Yellow Embroidered Stars

1. Go to Swim Connection to see established time standards for your age group in each category.

2. Stars can be earned under both short course and long course standards. For example, you can earn a star in the 50YD Free as well as the 50M Free. HOWEVER, each time standard must be met in a swim on the specified course (ex: converted times are not eligible for stars).

3. Contact your coach if you think you’ve earned a star!